About us

Narcis Tomášek & Partners Law Office with headquarters in Děčín was founded by Narcis Tomášek in 1990. In 2013, Moravian branch of the Law Office was established in Olomouc.

 We put stress on personal contact between the lawyer and the client, keeping the clients informed, and on efficient problem solving. For us, being a strong partner, the client´s success is the priority.

 We fully adhere to the Lawyes´ Code of Ethics.

 Each lawyer cooperates with a professional team specialized in given issue (experts, expert institutes, real estate agencies, financial and tax advisors, auditors).

The Law Office is based on internal specialisation of branches of law, communication among the team members and electronic file management. Everything is focused on maximum protection of the client´s interests, anywhere and anytime.

Our priorities include cooperation with students of law faculties. We are addressed by both university students and graduates who after necessary work experience can assume an office of articled clerks in the Law Office.

Members of the Law Office can communicate in German, English and Russian.

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