Mgr. Narcis Tomášek


 Telephone +420 414 114 019
 Fax +420 412 519  782
Languages  Czech, Russian, French
Education Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague (1987)

Narcis Tomášek is the founder and the lead partner of Narcis Tomášek & Partners Law Office. He became a lawyer in 1992 and his professional career in advocacy has exceeded twenty years. Since 2004 he has been providing legal services to the Statutory Town of Děčín and a number of important companies and individuals in the North Bohemian Region, Prague, as well as foreign clients, namely in acquisitions, transfers of companies and entering the Czech and international market.

 Narcis Tomášek specializes in criminal law, commercial law and insolvency law.

 After 1997, Narcis Tomášek also acted as a bankruptcy administrator, and later, since 2008, he has been an insolvency administrator.

 Narcis Tomášek is a member of the Czech Bar Association.

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